Music is a passion, it's a language, Josh Airhart is a singer/songwriter that wants to connect to his audience through the power of music. With an electrifying command over solo loop-based performances where he stacks guitar parts, piano parts, lush vocal layers, and vocal and instrument percussion, Josh reaches out and connects directly to his audience with stories and humor, making them feel like they are sitting at a backyard bonfire, intimate and inviting. When he plays in a full band, his incendiary electric guitar tone beckons the full attention of the audience while the band keeps the pocket tight and groovy, leaving the listener no choice but to dance to the beat. 

This dynamic of a song is like a wave that's never still, always moving. When the wave hits the emotion can capsize your notions of what music is, and was.

That is the goal.

That is the adventure.

Let's journey together.